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Percolation process

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Activated Fuller’s Earth used in the percolation filter process is in the granular form, this process is usually used for light colour oils like base oil distillates, mainly to improve it UV and PNC values.

PERCOLATION: The term ‘percolation’ is given to that method of filtering in which the oil to be decolorized is passed through a bed of granular adsorbent aided via the help of gravity.

FILTRATION: Filtration is the general term applied to the process of removing colour and suspended matter from base stocks for specialty products.

The percolation method is a modern yet a very simple process. At times you would be surprised that even simple adsorption using this method can do wonders to improve the quality of oil. It consists of a vertical steel cylinder closed at both ends and provided with suitable man-heads and pipe connections at the top and bottom to permit the introduction and discharge of clay and oil. A perforated plate or a wire screen at a slight distance above the bottom is provided over which a heavy canvas blanket is placed and clamped to hold the clay in filter yet allow oil to pass through and out of the filter. Size of these filters varies considerably from capacities starting at 3 MT to several hundred.


  • SUPER 30/60
  • SUPER 15/30

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