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About Us

HRP INDUSTRIES is a team having over four decades of expertise in catering the vast Fuller’s Earth market; equipped with our years of knowledge we specialize in manufacturing customized products as per our consumer’s specific needs.

We have our own source of minerals and basic raw materials. The long lease and tie-up with mines ensures a constant and consistent supply of raw material. This enables us to maintain a steady quality to our customers for years to come.

The efficiency of product depends upon the rigid and correct selection of right basic raw material which we at all times ensure.

We have developed a multi level control procedure in all our unit operations for maintaining consistency in products.

At our mines we have very rigid norms for selection, transportation and storage of crude mineral.

At the factory the process quality control makes sure that the crude is treated to the correct degree of size reduction, segregation and activation enabling the manufacture of a high and consistent quality product.

We do a thorough analysis of the finished product prior to packing and dispatch, to ensure that the material is consistent with industries requirements for pH, mesh size, moisture and efficiency.

Our R & D department is constantly at work, so as to offer a better product tomorrow.

Our well defined system and procedure, proper analytical techniques and quality control, ensure that only the right blend is processed, thereby maintaining consistency in finished products.

Our Evolution To An Eco Friendly Company

HRP INDUSTRIES started with producing neutral grades 36 years back. By 1982 we commenced with the manufacture of acid activated bleaching earths. Over the years we realized the harmful effects of acid on our Planets ecology. With people all over the world trying to reduce pollution, By 2003 we at HRP INDUSTRIES citing the need to do our bit to reduce the pollution on the Earth, decided to terminate the production of acid activated earths and the use of acid in all our products and unit operations. We concentrated on developing ECO-Friendly neutral grades of high efficiency, completely free from the use of any toxic acid. This target we have now successfully achieved and are manufacturing and selling such ECO-Friendly grades all over the world, doing our share to make this planet pollution free by reducing the catastrophic effects acid usage has on our delicate ecosystem.

Help us in our endeavour and purchase only acid free bleaching earths because this is your planet as much as it is ours and it is in our hands to save it.

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Our Vision

Aspire to be an innovative, responsive supplier of superior quality products, with the world as a market.

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