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Activated Fuller’s Earth used in the contact process employed for decolorizing oils, greases and waxes is in the powder form. It highly improves its Tintometer readings.

Contact filtration process: Contact filtration is the direct agitation of a mixture of a very fine clay and oil, usually at elevated temperature, for a definite period of time to accomplish a desired result.

Bleaching: The selective removal of pigments from oils and fats by adsorption on clay, specially chosen and activated for specific effects is a term known as bleaching.

This is the oldest and still the most common procedure for removing pigments, neutralizing, decolorizing and getting rid of other unwanted minor components from oils destined for edible or technical use.

In the modern world it is also used to recondition used and waste oils of various kinds.

The basic plant consists of

  • A cylindrical vessel having a conical bottom with an impeller attached.
  • Settling tank.
  • Heat generator.
  • Filter press.
  • Raw and bleached oil holding reservoirs.

There are now even conventional plant assemblies available capable of performing the contact filtration and press filtration in a single unit.

A pre decided amount of clay is introduced into the oil maintained at desired temperature, which varies from oil to oil, as all oils behave differently. Agitation time is always maintained between 20- 30 minutes.

The oil/clay mixture is then either allowed to settle or passed through a filter press. It has been recognized for decades that in the short period that oil spends passing through the chamber of the filter press a very useful degree of further adsorption takes place. This is called the “press bleach” effect.


  • SUPER 84 sp
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